Initial Idea

The introduction of machine systems, along with human active systems, has had a significant impact on the management systems of most social organizations. A major part of the assets of today’s organizations are office machines and new information technologies. Among the existing machine systems, information and communication technologies have significantly changed the normal conditions of human life and organizational life.

It should be noted that with the emergence of machine systems, the role and rhythm of the daily and constant instrumental efforts of managers and employees of organizations is reduced and the volume of their intellectual efforts is increased.

With the increase of investment in this field, the management approaches of organizations also underwent significant changes, and in general, by using these systems, an obvious improvement in the process of planning, organization, control and decision-making of managers emerged.

Today, the officials of industries and factories as well as consumers, due to the complexity of relations between different domestic departments and due to the need to expand commercial and international relations with a large amount of information in various formats such as text, numbers, graphs, graphics, audio, video and often They deal with mixed or so-called multimedia.

With the advancement of technology and the universalization of computers, especially in the last decade, the processing and presentation of various reports is done with high accuracy and speed. But despite the power and precision of the computer, collecting data and entering it into the computer has always been considered as a bottleneck in information systems, because the use of human power to collect and enter data, while not benefiting from significant speed, is free from human error. It doesn’t seem like it either.

The way to exchange information with a computer has been mentioned as a big barrier against the expansion of the computer’s application range in various fields, so that this point has continuously occupied the minds of information technology researchers and producers, how to use easy and cheap peripheral equipment to exchange data with Maximum speed and free of any errors entered the computer. In this regard, various technologies of automatic identification and data collection (AI/DC) have been provided to users as a suitable tool to improve the methods of collecting and transferring information to computer systems.

One of the most common tools of this family is Bar-code, which has been effective in most fields due to the simplicity of printing and the low price of reading equipment. Barcode is a popular technique for transmitting data through light waves. Barcodes are a set of parallel lines or bars with different widths that have meaning under a specific algorithm. The lines are usually printed in black on a white background – although other colors can be used – and the width and number of each line contains a special message for the barcode reader.

With the help of a group of internal experts in the field of information technology, this company tries to provide the most suitable practical solutions for using barcodes and other AI/DC technologies in electronic data collection and transmission, while increasing the effectiveness of management information systems, to provide the best and most reliable information platform for Create organizational resource planning for your customers.

We have developed our goals in order to win the trust of our customers and by following the example of the leaders of this industry in the world and properly combining their experiences and knowledge with the skills and executive potential of the Zebrasia team, while improving our knowledge and transferring technology, we have met the needs and demands of our customers. We will do our best to satisfy them with the services provided.

hamid bahmani
Hamid Bahmani

Realization of an Idea

In 2001, Zebrasia Technical Trading Company started its activity as a sales and after-sales service center for Zebra products and a provider of practical solutions for using barcode, card and RFID technologies for automatic identification, mechanized collection and electronic transfer of data to various information management systems. It started as a private joint stock company in Tehran.

Over time, in order to respond to the various needs of customers in this specialized field, Zebrasia, along with Zebra products, supplies and supports products from other reputable manufacturers in the world such as Honeywell, Newland, Unitech, Zebex, Sewoo. OKPOS, M3 Mobile, ATID, Confidex, Alien, DSIC, Generalscan and Toshiba-TEC, to one of Full-Range centers in the field of specialized equipment related to identification and tracking systems have become.

Years of experience serving thousands of customers, professional knowledge and honesty, benefiting from an expert and experienced team, good history of cooperation with various manufacturers, significant variety of brands and models, high precision in selecting and supplying high-quality products, up-to-date inventory and continuous customer support. Now, Zebrasia’s most important points are to be a leader in this specialized field.

Zebrasia Company is a partner of the National Center for Numbering of Goods and Services of Iran (GS1 IRAN) in providing the hardware and software needs of its customers, and in addition to being a member of the Computer Goods and Equipment Importers Association of the country, in the Computer Trade Union Organization of Tehran Province and the Store Cashiers Commission of this organization. has an active membership.


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Our Vision

As a leading Iranian company in spreading and developing the use of automatic data collection and identification technologies, we intend to provide the best and most complete set of specialized services and products in this field.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide hardware and software needs of customers in the field of identification and tracking systems with the aim of increasing the effectiveness of their business management.

Core values

Attention to human resources as the most valuable capital of the organization and planning for its development Continuous review of the organization’s structure, systems and methods to increase the added value of using world-class technologies in providing solutions and systems design, knowledge-based organizational structure, learning, creative and innovative cooperation with experienced organizations and expert consultants