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ZTS after-sales service center as the first professional and equipped repair shop for barcode, card and RFID equipment in Iran, with the aim of providing all after-sales services for these products, including warranty and periodical services, installation and commissioning, user training, technical support and repairs Specialized was launched in 2015.

After completing the contract procedures, the experts of this unit attend the customer’s place while delivering the ordered systems, install them in the workstations desired by the customer, and provide the users with the necessary training on the user level and correct maintenance of the systems (without limit on the number of users). Introduced by the customer.

After the installation and training by the experts of this unit, the periodical visit book and the equipment user manual along with a training CD in Farsi containing the additional programs required by the customer will be delivered.

Remote support: users of Zebrasia products can use the instructions of the technical experts of this unit by phone or by e-mail to solve user problems or fix surface defects of the systems.

Face-to-face support: In cases where users’ problems cannot be solved over the phone, the technical experts of this unit will be sent to the customer’s place within 24 hours within Tehran and 48 hours outside Tehran (cities) and will fix the system problems at his place. .

Provision of a replacement device: If any of Zebrasia’s products are transferred to the ZTS unit for repairs under warranty and if the problem is not resolved for up to two weeks, a replacement device will be provided to the customer in order to prevent the system from stopping.

Repair or replacement of parts: All equipment parts during the warranty period, except for the print head, battery and adapters, which are introduced by the manufacturers of these equipment as consumable parts, are repaired or replaced by this unit free of charge, the devices after service and The final test and ensuring that the problem is solved is delivered to the customer.

Read the warranty conditions of the products

Periodic review: The experts of this unit are committed to carry out periodic inspections to perform the maintenance services of the systems used by them, to detect, announce and fix the possible faults of the systems in order to make their optimal use possible.

Other support services: training new users, checking and announcing problems with peripheral systems, consulting for choosing suitable consumables, designing and printing labels, etc., are other services of this unit that are provided to customers in coordination with Zebrasia sales unit.

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